About Ollo Metrics

Ollo Metrics is a Google-certified digital marketing agency. We specialize in search engine marketing, social media ads, custom dashboards, and digital marketing training for you and your team.

Ollo Metrics is about clarity

The word “ollo” comes from the Galician language, which is spoken in a northwestern region of Spain. When translated to English, “ollo” means “eye”, which is central to our goal at Ollo Metrics: Clarity. Clarity in your digital marketing strategy, analytics, outcomes, and KPIs.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you better understand your digital marketing so that you can gain more control over your strategy and become a digital leader in your industry.

How We Work

We believe that the most effective agencies work as guides and partners to the companies they help. We work by becoming an extension of your marketing department, handling the heavy lifting and technical work, and coaching your team along the way.

Our Process

The Ollo Growth Framework

1. Build

  • Assess digital presence & landscape
  • Research keyword data & competitors
  • Identify opportunities that align with goals
  • Get clear on metrics & KPIs
  • Setup end-to-end tracking with a custom dashboard
  • Define the audience, message, offer
  • Build a strategic channel plan & ad creative to reach them

2. Optimize

  • Implement the strategic plan
  • Continually optimize messaging, creative & targeting
  • Review data, document insights & test again
  • Discuss insights to build smarter strategies
  • Define growth opportunities based on data

3. Scale

  • Find sources of truth for scaling campaigns
  • Go big on proven opportunities
  • Leverage technology to do heavy lifting
  • Continuously improve the strategy
  • Rake in more sales and leads
  • Find other areas in the marketing funnel to further improve our efforts

Leadership team

Warren Thompson - Ollo Metrics Managing Director

Warren Thompson

Managing Director, Marketing

Warren has 11+ years of experience in marketing. Before founding Ollo Metrics, he served as Director of Marketing & Events where he built a cross-functional marketing team of seven while achieving a 137% increase in YOY e-commerce revenue growth in 2017. When he’s not working with Ollo Metrics clients, he teaches digital marketing workshops and classes at BrainStation?and Small Business BC?in Vancouver.

Charles Brodeur

Charles Brodeur

Managing Director, Analytics

Charles is a numbers guy! He has an extensive background in digital marketing, analytics, and e-commerce. He has owned and operated numerous businesses in professional services, manufacturing, and logistics. His keen understanding of marketing and business analytics make him an invaluable resource for businesses that are looking to build systems for measurement and predictable growth.?

Digital Marketing Specialists

Lauren Van Woerden

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Lauren is the support system of Ollo Metrics by providing clear client communication and optimal team organization. With a background in recruiting & real estate, she is adept at learning new industries and seeing out-of-the-box opportunities. Lauren is tenacious about learning & researching new search engine optimization nuances as things change over time, and continues to grow as a digital marketer.

Gaby Beaudoin

Office & Marketing Coordinator

Gaby is part of the day to day organization of Ollo Metrics, from client communication,? copywriting to team planning. She loves learning about new industries and excels at creative thinking. Gaby is continually seeking to learn new skills and is excited to grow as a digital marketer.

Taru Kosola


Taru is a PPC Specialist with extensive experience from various different industries and markets. She has managed accounts from healthcare to SaaS, from retail to construction, and everything in between—in 8 different countries.

Taru is a self-proclaimed PPC geek. She loves to stay on top of new trends, tools, and techniques, and bring these to her clients to help them grow their businesses

A Yeong Kim

Graphic Designer

A Yeong is an experienced and passionate designer with a versatile skill set, who loves working on brand identities and marketing projects where she can create new product lines or cohesive campaigns. She has designed campaign ads, brand identity, photography, packaging design, editorial layout design, and UX/UI design. She holds a Diploma and Bachelors in Visual Communication Design and Visual Art. Her strength is her ability to conceptualize and bring clients’ visions to life.??


Pedro Menezes Pereira?


Pedro is a Paid Media Specialist with 9+ year’s experience working for digital agencies with proven results based purely on performance. His expertise lies in paid search ads across various platforms, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, and SEO. Pedro also holds a degree in marketing, plus all Google, Bing and Facebook ad certifications.

Jovana Maric

Web Developer & Designer

Jovana holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Marketing and Sales. In addition to her primary role as web developer and graphic designer, Jovana has previous experience in public relations, email marketing, and social media marketing. She is excited by new and challenging web design projects, and is always looking to expand her skills beyond WordPress to other web design platforms.

"With a growth mindset and the right guidance, we believe that you have everything you need to succeed in digital marketing."

– Warren Thompson, Co-Founder

Ollo Metrics Team Values

Always be learning and growing

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. We are energized by a deep desire to learn more and be our absolute best.

Have an absolute passion for helping others

Your success is our success. We are passionate about providing as much value as possible to our clients. We never settle for “good enough”.

Build open and honest relationships

All great teams are built on trust and respect. We only hire team members who embody these traits and put the needs of our clients first.

Be yourself, but bring your best

Finally, we encourage everyone to bring their absolute best self to work each day and use their unique perspective to help us find new and creative solutions.

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