Digital Marketing Careers at Ollo Metrics

Join a growing digital marketing agency team in Squamish, BC. You’ll be working with exciting clients and projects while learning valuable skills from Ollo Metrics’ experienced digital marketing team.

Build a Career in Digital Marketing

At Ollo Metrics, we believe in a culture of continual growth and learning. This is the mindset that we bring to each new day, project, and client that we work with. We always put the needs of our clients first and endlessly look for new ways to help get them better results.

We are always on the look out for growth-minded people to join our team. Whether you’re a veteran digital marketer, you’re fairly new but catching on quickly, or you’re an absolute novice, if you are passionate about helping people with digital marketing, we want you on our team.

"With a growth-minded attitude and the right guidance, we believe that you have everything you need to succeed in digital marketing."

– Warren Thompson, Co-Founder

Our Values

Always be learning and growing

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. If you are energized by a deep desire to learn more and be your absolute best, you will find new rewards everyday you work with us.

Have an absolute passion for helping others

Our clients’ success is our success. Be passionate about providing as much value as possible to others. The more value you give today, the more you have to give in the future.

Build open and honest relationships

All great teams are built on trust and respect. We only hire team members who put the needs of our team first. When everyone on the team is acting in the interest of the team as a whole, we all win.

Be yourself, but bring your best

Finally, be yourself (everyone else is already taken!). We hire based on character first and we encourage you to use your unique personality and enthusiasm to bring your best self to work each day.

Available Positions

We are always on the look out for passionate people to join our team. If you have a desire to join our team, but you’re unsure of our available positions, apply anyway! We believe that people are a company’s greatest asset and there may be an opportunity for you that’s not listed here.?

Here are the positions we are looking to hire:


If you fit any of those positions and you’d like to join a growing agency with a high-performing team, then please, apply now!

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