Reputation Management

Your online reputation should be an accurate reflection of the good reputation you have with your customers. The problem is, it’s difficult to keep track of all of your online reviews and negative ones often don’t get found for months. Our dashboards can filter all of your reviews and mentions into a simple report for your administrative or customer service team to manage.

Monitor and Improve Your Online Reputation

Negative online reviews can have a serious impact on your business. They scare away potential new customers and hurt your rankings with search engines. It’s important to be very intentional with your online review strategy so that you can drown out the odd negative review with plenty of good ones that accurately reflect your business’ value. With dozens of potential reviews sites and multiple locations, this can be a daunting task.?

We will create a clean dashboard for you to aggregate all of your reviews into one place. We can also setup notifications going to all the right people so that your team can take ownership of your brand presence and manage things correctly.

Your Reputation Management Plan

1. Aggregate Reviews

See and manage your Yelp, Facebook, and Google Review in one place. We connect all your online review platforms and into one dashboard. Some platforms you will know, others you may not have heard of.

2. Collect Citations

Next, we’ll collect data from online directories which feature your site to see what your overall score is with search engines. If you’ve moved office locations in the last 15 years, you may find that many listings are still incorrect.

3. Improve Reputations

Next, we’ll work with your team to improve your online reputation, handle negative reviews, and give them the appropriate notifications for online mentions. This will help you ensure your online reputation improves consistently.

Reputation Management Services at Ollo Metrics

Ollo Metrics Reputation Management Services
The reputation management services we offer are designed to get you the most value based on industry-accepted best practices and approaches that we’ve tested with our clients. Please?contact us?if you have any questions or would like more information on the following services:

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